Psychology of online sales – User Experience

Selling Online and the New Brain The new brain is not irrelevant when it comes to purchasing online. It doesn’t matter if our customers are making a rational decision or are justifying their purchase after the fact. What matters is that the new brain feels involved in the process. The more rational the decision appears…
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Burn out your stress with Burstee!


The Apple gadgets certainly have made things a lot interesting for all its users. Earlier you would have to put in so much efforts to do various things, which are now just at your fingertips. You need to pay bills, you need to shop, you need to recharge your phone, all these can be done…
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5 Traditional Mistakes in Business Analysis

1. Failure to engage the right Stake-Holders Solutions providers like developers, designers and tester may want to look into the specific levels of details in the requirements artifacts and also expect that those artifacts will be discussed with them prior informing the client. There is no benefit of a Business Analyst who remains there in…
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