Make In India – What Indians can make out of it?

Make In India is a campaign started by Mr. Narendra Modi the honorable 15th and current Prime Minister of India with a vision that businesses can be brought to the country envisioning that it will boost 25 sectors of the economy for job creation and skill enhancement like Railways, Automobiles, Chemicals, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Leather, etc..

Undoubtedly, It will help foreign setups to come invest and establish themselves in the subcontinent but except jobs and servicing including skill enhancement what else Indians can be benefited from?

Today I am not writing the as usual blog or article but getting fascinated by the campaign and success of Hannover Fair 2015 I have some questions and that’s why I decided to take that up on my website hoping ill receive some good answers.

1. If I am an Indian and I want to establish my own setup like a machinery or a production house so for that matter will I be getting any support for skill enhancement so that I can setup my own factory?
2. If I am having my current business running in any of the 25 sectors then also will I get some rebates and discounts to bring some machinery so that I can increase the man power in terms to rise the job creation graph?
3. As an Indian, how can I contribute to the skill enhancement program if I want to without leaving my current job?
4.  How corruption check will be applied on this campaign when companies start investing in India so that they are not harassed and this campaign looses its trust amongst the global industry leaders?

A stable government and a strong leadership have indeed changed the mood both in India and abroad. But, clearly, this is not enough to revive the investment cycle. Opportunities for investment exist aplenty. The Reserve Bank of India has already indicated a return to a more moderate interest rate regime. Inflation is under control. So is the current account deficit. The crash in petroleum crude prices has been an unexpected boom.

There is plenty of money in the system both in India and abroad. All we need to do is to encourage it to come forward and have it invested through appropriate avenues. ‘Make in India’ will succeed only when we aggressively undertake to ‘Make India’ and find the resources to do so. The forthcoming Budget is the occasion for the government to display courage and attend to this important task.

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