The Inspiring Journey Of A ‘Hero’ – Mr. O.P Munjal

OP Uncle


My Uncle and Hero of ‘Hero Cycles’ Mr. O.P Munjal given all his challenges to his family and passed away on 13th August 2015 at the age of 87. Uncle you will be remembered forever and your presence in our hearts will always touch the simplicity and values you have given to the whole world.

Munjal Uncle – The entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Friend, Shaayar and Lover of arts never putted himself on the center of stage but have said that my company is my family and my employees is my driving force. He was special to everyone across the Globe!

I still remember one of his statement to my maternal grandfather(Late Shri. LajPat Rai Bajaj) that “Laj-Ludhiana ki mitti me sona hai” in one of our family functions, then he gave me his blessings and went back to his home.

He always used to say “Sturdy Tree Needs Strong Roots” on other side he was romantic at heart. One should “Never Shirk Responsibilities” and “Never Step Down To Fit In the Crowd” but “People Are The Real Wealth” as he wins everyone’s heart with his mind-blowing couplets because he always thinks that “Its Lonely At The Top – Take Your People Along With You”. Whereas Challenges are important to life but for him “They were meant to overcome” as he always was in a search for new frontiers. Dream Big but Discipline is Dreamer’s Weapon and safe guard the dreams of people who work with you.

For him Work was Worship and when he was in his office he enter his workstation with all those values which you can still see in the Hero Group whether its Hero Cycles or Its Hero Moto Cop or any other vertical. His primary goal was to never fail customer and deliver them on time. As a leader he created many leaders and allowed them to find their own ways. Loving each employee and getting love from each employee every entrepreneur dreams. He has given so much to the state of Punjab as an industrialist and as philanthropist that I really feel proud to be a part of family member of where values of people like Munjal Uncle still persists. #RIP


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