Daily Challenges Faced In Business Analysis

Does a day start without challenges? Obviously No! So, How Business analysis can go without challenges. It basically depends on how you take that challenge. I found them as my daily nutrients because you can’t learn and can’t grow without challenges. Enough of motivational talks!

Beginning with the first challenge I faced when I was new in the Business Analysis Phase was:

1: How to cater requirements?
Believe me it still remains a challenge and after spending more than 2000 hours in business analysis, I came across variety of projects from different verticals and complexity which is different for every project. You only get to know once you dive into it and its really important for a BA to feel and dive into the project if you really want to have win-win situation(for you and for your client). There are different methods of catering requirements and it varies from person to person and organization to organization or project to project. Moreover it depends on the managers who are really a driving force of the project that what methodology and strategy they imply on the project.

Solution: I don’t know I might not be correct or might not be good in helping you to provide the best solution but here is what I have learned from my past experience:
a.) Initial scoping and understanding of the concept is very important.
b.) Writing down all features and their functionality in work break down(WBS) template can help you to understand what all things you need!
c.) Sign off from client on the WBS should be there that too after complete brainstorming session with client and amongst teams.

2: How to synchronize and make a connection with client and technical masters?
Here I mean to say is that every client comes to you thinks he is having the best, unique idea in the whole world! Some literally have! But when it comes to you as a Business Analyst and you dive into it and you find it technically nearly impossible idea, you start consulting it with technical masters around you, where you find it futile. Now what? You are in a position where you can’t say your client abruptly that its not worth investing time and money into it and technical people have their own limitations of technologies.

Solution: Trust me Business Analysis is that phase of the project where client must be informed about the feasibility of the project and product! If it has to die it should die in the very phase of the project because you actually are not wasting resources of your client and also saving your time too. Instead of making technically not viable solution one should actually not make it.By saying this, I just got some ideas after writing above two lines and there actually can be multiple ways to tackle with this problem:

a.) Look into different technologies like .Net, Python, Java, PHP etc..
b.) Talk to specialized people first. Source can be social media as well
c.) Do some research and find the best possible ways if solution can be implemented with minor tweaks, keeping the core idea/concept same(With Client’s Consent)

3: Documenting the requirements!

Documenting of requirements is like cooking a food for a patient, because if it remains half-cooked patient will again suffer and if it is cooked with negligence patient may fall sick badly. So, here I mean is proper diagnosis and analysis must be done before documenting any project and once you are in the process of creating a scope document like SRS, FRD or a BRD you should take your time and put all those minor things which people usually ignore like Email formats, Error Messages, Etc.. because these small things make big impact.

You can also contribute to this blog regarding the challenges you have faced in the Business Analysis as comments and interesting one’s will be included in the body of blog along with the credits to that publisher.


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