Beacons! The Next Big Thing…

How would you feel when you take a step and your mobile phone alarms you?

“Hey, you are safe”, “No don’t eat cheese because your medical report of this month shows you have high cholesterol”, “Go get some shirts for yourself because your wardrobe demands it”

I would feel like a King who has his all soldiers in his mobile and of course that is why it is called as the ‘NEXT BIG THING’ in IT.

The two important questions about beacons are:

What? – A transmitter at known location emitting continuous radio signals with limited content.
How? -Location Identification: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & RFID.
User’s device enters Beacon Area Installed apps subscribing to this unique identifier are notified

Beacon Technology enables the Retailers to leverage from ‘Internet of Things’ in conjunction with Consumer Mobile Devices to Personalize their Shopping Experience on a Real Time basis – By Mayank J Kumar(Product Manager at Net Solutions)

Beacons is a brilliant touch to technology!

Beacons will add new vocabulary to Tech Dictionary like #Micro-Fencing #Digital-Moments #Pillage-Control #Triggering-Reorders and they will touch almost every vertical of the industry.

Possible Industries and there uses:

1. Retail Industry – Will be most equipped with Beacons to improve shopping experience
2. Medical Industry – For improving quality of life of patients by monitoring their daily habits
3. Vehicle & Transportation – For safer rides and tool kits management
4. Hospitality – Will give you a freedom and an independent stay with your loved ones at your favorite destination
5. Tourism – Guided maps, Nearby famous places and Safe traveling will promote tourism
6. Information Technology – Will generate Jobs for Beacons platform development

Some Stats for beacons technology are:

In-store survey

Source – Business Insider

Business Insider-BI Intelligence

Source – Business Insider

I can foresee many challenges and one of them is the Detection of Beacons #Micro-Fencing but then I leave this topic open for developers and Technical/Solution Architects to have a deep thought over this issue because I am more interested in knowing the advantages and opportunities of Beacons at the moment.

For More Beacons Related Articles And Sources Stay Tuned…

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